ZELFË started in the music business as a wee tyke taking classical piano lessons from Mrs. Elly Perrot, who used to teach at the Conservatory at Leipzig in Germany. She used to place a pencil on his hands when practicing scales, and if the pencil fell off at any time, he would have to start all over again...

When he heard his first BLACK SABBATH album, followed shortly after that by Led Zeppelin ... the piano was abandoned in favor of a Fender Telecaster Bass, one of the last ones made.

FALLOUT was born after that, a nihilistic punk rock band, formed when the mother of a friend of a friend heard that a campground in the non-existant town of Jone's Pond needed a band for an event. What they got was most likely not what they expected as half the campground emptied after the first blasts originating from a Marshall Stack, and an array of Orange amplifiers.  Following the concert, during which only one deranged individual remained in the audience, the band appropriately terrorized the campground until 3 AM, after which ZELFË had to take a bus to attend an orientation at his new college.

Next came the CONTROL era which consisted of the core members from FALLOUT, Steve Peterson on guitar, Brad Saunders on drums, Zel on keyboards, being joined by Daryl Holdridge on bass.

So, you might ask, whatever happened to ZELFË's bass? You know ... that solid body Fender Telecaster bass that they don't make any longer? Well ... uh ... he SOLD the damn thing. Yep. $200 bucks -- and the slick shyster who sweet talked him out of it even managed to finagle the solid shell case. STUPID you might say. Well ... OK. Yeah: it was stupid. But SO WHAT??? What did ZELFË get in return? A bunch of shoddy PAIA gear. Yep. Fender solid maple bass guitar sold down the river for $200 for a bunch of resistors and capacitors. Some would say he was nuts. How do you expect someone from the planet Saturn to behave? In a sane a rational manner? No. Not ZELFË.

What did he do? He rode a freaking Greyhound bus for 32 hours to OKLAHOMA CITY, surviving on granola and apples, to visit John Simonton and discuss Craig Anderton and have a look around. He finally walked out the door with a PAIA String Synthesizer, an analog (well duh -- they were ALL analog at the time) patch-panel synthesizer head, and a 6503 based computer module on order. Took the dang bus back to good old Rochester NY, and starting firing up his soldering iron, and learning 6502 assembler language so he could create uniquely wacko and bizarre sounds.

CONTROL terrorized the upstate New York scene for many years, and eventually evolved into ZELFË and the PLANETOIDS.  Now the key members of CONTROL, minus ZELFË, have formed the most excellent CODY JARRETT BAND.

ZELFË is currently working on BIG BAND arrangements.

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