The name Zelfë was not devised or invented ... it was BESTOWED upon him by a musical genius known as Michael Christopher, now, sadly, deceased. The discussion came about in Michael's basement after yet another in a seemingly endless series of pleasurable listening sessions in which we analyzed and dissected each new European band to come across our speakers. In this particular case it is entirely possible we had finished listening to "The Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus." (OK ... so "Spirit" is not European band ... but who's counting?) Carl, the drummer, observed that, in his opinion, Zelfë was from another planet. Michael suggested that the planet must be Saturn, for reasons known only to him. Carl wondered out loud what might a person from the planet Saturn be called? Zelfë in the meantime, merely sat in bemused tolerance, or, quite possibly, in a mild state of inebriation, happily following the discussion but ignoring its potential significance. "ZELPHA!!!" the pair of plotters subsequently announced, causing Zelfë to sit up in surprise. Many moons later Zelfë received a shocking email from a fan. She politely inquired if Zelfë might not be a woman seeing as "Zelpha" was a name often given to Indian (I.e. American Indian) WOMEN. Zelfë gazed sadly down at his (male) equipment and wondered if women do, in fact, find pleasure in larger rather than smaller apparati. Carefully composing his reply, he confirmed that he had no idea what this fan was talking about ... and who was this "Zelpha" anyhow? Slyly, almost at the same time, a subtle mutation occurred. A few deft manipulations, a quick FTP to the site ... and Zelfë was born.

Zelfe Interview with Dominick Miserandino of the Celebrity Cafe

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