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  Steve Swenston Artist at Large
  Douglas Alan Edgy Fiction. Read his stuff ... then go buy his book. You won't regret it.
  Jajuba This guys plays bass like a crazed lunatic, plays guitar, plays keyboards. Basically, whatever you put in front of him, he plays. He'll even MAKE the damned guitar, and then play it!
  Cody Jarrett Band Rock n Roll at its best. These guys have honed and refined their unique sound for many many moons. Clean and polished.
  FALnet Filmmaker at Large website. Really really cool stuff. Nutzo stuff. Wacko stuff. Check it out.
  Cinema Insomnia Mr. Lobo rules the night waves. What time is it right now? Go ahead: look at the clock. So ... is it after midnight? Well, what are you waiting for??? Check out this site. Right now.
  CD Baby Have a look and BUY "Contrasts" on CD Baby! Have a look and BUY "Contrasts" on!
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